Full Service (With our truck or trucks) :

  • This is the more traditional type of moving. We will have the truck, equipment, and movers. We can start with packing you (most people choose to pack their own items before we get there). We then load your items safely and we will finish by offloading the truck. Our team is happy to place items wherever you prefer.
  • There can be many customized ways of performing this move. We will go over the details of your move over the phone or through email. In some cases, we will come give you an in-home estimate as well (most jobs do not require this).We can give a good idea of costs over the phone or email). We look to give you options that make your move best for your needs.

Moving Labor (self-service) :

We offer this as an alternative to full service in Massachusetts and exclusively in New Hampshire as we currently do not offer (our trucks) for full service in N.H. at this time.

  • Moving Labor (labor-only) this type of moving service entails you providing and driving your own rental truck (or have a friend drive), container, trailer, in-house moving or storage unit as just a few examples. We can assist with backing up the truck with hand signals. We have many tips for you to do this effectively. We specialize in this type of moving.
  • It is a cost-effective alternative. Most companies with their large fleets do not give you or tell you about such an option. They have to keep those expensive trucks moving. We do not have that problem. We do have access to a large selection of well maintained professional moving vehicles, stocked with equipment.
  • We have also found people usually appreciate the control they have over their belongings. We will make suggestions on the size of truck or container you may need. You will then have us professionally load and unload your items for you the same as a full-service move. We will even give you the same basic liability coverage on your items $.60/pound per piece.
  • There are so many advantages to this type of moving. We also have moving equipment such as moving pads (blankets) and dollies for rental which is professional grade versus the below average you can get at your local rental company. These are some of the choices we give you which is a clear difference between us and the other companies out there.

Office moving/Commercial moving:

  • We have moved many small offices, Gyms, pharmacies, warehouses, offices and more. We realize there are a lot of the challenges when moving an office. We will help make a plan to get things done in an orderly and timely fashion. We will take the time to think your job through, come up with solutions and then execute on our plan.
  • We have the proper equipment to help move the process along. Give us a call to discuss options with us today!

Assisted living/Elderly moving services:

  • We have helped many people move their parents and loved ones from their home to assisted living facilities.Our reputation is growing locally as the go-to movers in this situation. We understand the patience and care it takes to do such a move. We have lower cost options to assist with this. Our movers are all trained to be sensitive to people in nursing homes, assisted living homes and in a downsizing situation just to list a few examples.

Single piece or micro moves: 

  • We have the ability to assist you on short notice for small moves. We have movers that love to assist with things such as re-arranging furniture, moving appliances in or out and help to bring things bought from the store. We have the skill and muscle to get the pieces in place safely. We have the experience to get these jobs done in a safe, timely manner.
  • If you have a small apartment or college dorm and want some assistance we can get it done quickly!


  • We have a few options for packing. One is full-service packing using our supplies that we deliver the day we pack you.
  • A second option is to have you get your own materials and we will pack your items up using them.

Specialty Moving:

  • Gun Safes
  • Upright pianos
  • Organs
  • Hoisting down items too big to fit down the stairs along with many other tricky moving situations.
  • We have specialized equipment and training to understand the safest ways to move a variety of items.
  • Call us today before attempting these moves on your own.


  • We are here to offer you choices and love to advise people on better ways to do their move. We work on the idea that you will refer us to your friends and family versus us just making the most of one transaction. We have people that come back over and over again because they know we are here to help.
  • Another way we may assist you is by giving you tips on selling your items that you may no longer desire. We know many local businesses with great reputations that will help you with this task.
  • We may assist you in finding storage with our established relationships and extensive knowledge of storage facilities, size of the unit(s) you may need and more.