Ken driving the moving truck 2012DULONG MOVING L.L.C. is owned and operated with a mission to do the best moving there is. See our video here: “Moving is our life”

I’ve started a great moving company which cares about our client’s home, belongings, and as people. I strive every day to improve policies, train people and use the most efficient techniques possible. I have learned through my eleven years of experience that although moving is not rocket science (Go Nasa!) If you look at it from every angle you can find better ways of performing each move.

The reason this company was started is that there is a serious need for professional, accountable and reliable movers. We will never stop listening and learning from our customer’s, employee’s, and a million other sources. We also will never claim to be perfect although our record stands strong at well below average for moving mistakes.

One in 5 moves is the industry average for items breaking. We have only had a few issues in our last thousand or so moves. I have personally been on around 3000 moves and counting. I’m very proud of this record. As for safety, we take our mover’s safety seriously. We must have the proper amount of movers for different moving situations. We have worker’s compensation coverage in case anything is to happen.

We are available to perform residential or commercial moving. We are local movers that specialize in last minute moves and even work on a limited basis for Sundays. We are the best value around bar none. I make myself available to my client’s as much as possible. If you would please write or call with questions related to moving or storage. Please look us up on Facebook or email us today. Please also read the 2017 article about our company here:

Thank you,

Kenneth DuLong